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Canadian Summer Vacay with a Twist!

This year the family and I decided a vacation outside the continental US of A was what we needed. So after much discussion and a little favor pulling, we ended up deciding upon a road trip to the Canadian mountainous province of Alberta.

Turns out my wife, who’s actually 1/4 Canadian herself, has an aunt who lives in a city in Alberta called Calgary. Actually when I had a chance to research the area for things we could tour and do, I was surprised to find that Calgary is the third largest metropolitan city in the country at around 1.4 million inhabitants.

moraine lake - Canadian Summer Vacay with a Twist!

Come the second week of August we hit the road. Packed up the dog, our two kids and we hit the open road destined for the Great White North.

After a long and adventurous drive across 6 states, we arrived in Calgary to be greeted by Thelma and her family, welcoming us in to their amazing home in Cranston – a master planned gated community near Auburn Bay, another affluent neighborhood in Calgary.

The next day we spent planning the rest of our time in the Calgary area and decided upon visiting the nearby (1.5hr drive) Banff national park. My wife and I were excited at the chance to finally cross off Lake Louise from our bucket lists.

First I have to say…as you come up upon the Rocky Mountains it’s enough to take your breath away. We never expected quite what we would experience. Especially being from Chicago and all where mountains are few and far between.

lake louise - Canadian Summer Vacay with a Twist!

In what seemed like a very short drive, we were at the shores of Lake Louise starring out at what we’d previously only seen in computer wallpapers and screensavers. Talk about incredible. The turquoise blue waters with the mountain peeks in the backdrop. If you’ve not been here you really should go and see it for yourself.

Later we would visit another little lake called Moraine (I think how it’s spelt) where turquoise blue waters are taken to a whole other level of blue/green. Honestly this was my favorite place. (see photo)

After an early start the following day we drove up to Jasper. Here we went up the Jasper Mountain Tram – also a must see/do – where we could see as far as our eyes could see, the Rocky Mountain tops in all directions. It was amazing.

The village of Jasper is quaint and lies at the bases of many different snow capped mountains and even has wildlife walking the streets. Yes you heard that right…wildlife like bears and elk…IN THE STREETS.

When we return back to Calgary and I had some downtime, and me being in real estate, I began to research homes for sale in Calgary on Google.

Now saying that, I did intend on keeping this blog post short and sweet, I will be doing a follow up to how we ended up buying an investment property in Calgary. You heard that right…in the end we ended up shopping homes for sale in Beltline and you can read all about that leg of our trip in my next blog. So until next time…PEACE.